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Here is where all the stories about Iggy Yugo and Sam are kept, this is the official home page of those 3 amazing elves that save Christmas as an annual tradition

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The 2018 Iggy, Yugo and Sam Adventure is tight here, right now! Happy Christmas!!

Here are all of the Stories ...

In Iggy, Yugo and Sam's first adventure, they have to overcome sharks, giants, snowmen and a mysterious blocked chimney to deliver an important Christmas present.

A Christmas Caroline

Iggy, Yugo and Sam have saved a lot of Christmases in their day. But if they can't save the very first Christmas, there won't be any other Christmases to save. Are these three wise guys up to the task?

A Christmas Time Tale

The elves are lost in space and have no way home. Will there be peace on Venus and good will to Snarks this Christmas?

Everyone Needs A Little Space at Christmas

The snowmobile is missing. Santa is missing. And the usual suspects aren't talking. Now, Iggy, Yugo and Sam only have two days until Christmas to crack the case.

A Christmas Mystery

Can Yugo's bag of tricks get the elves through a dangerous cave under the North Pole? There's ice bats and booby traps and apes. Oh my!

Raiders of the Lost Christmas Cavern

Hunters are tracking the last snow wolves across the Arctic and now they're after Iggy, Yugo and Sam!!

The Last of the Snow Wolves

Iggy, Yugo and Sam journey through Christmases past, present and future, but even with the help of a wizard and a spaceman, are they any match for the scary purple guy trying to destroy Christmas?

The Return of Leviticus Swyne

The tiny kingdom of Gillihad is threatened by pirates and war. Can one good princess save Christmas by herself, or will she need help?

A Fairy Merry Christmas Tale

Santa Claus has been kidnapped by a gang of thugs who look a lot like a certain three elves driving a certain red snowmobile. What in the name of Christmas is going on?

What's Past is Present

When an ancient and valuable Christmas painting is stolen from the Louvre by a reclusive billionaire, who would you call to get it back? The FBI? Interpol? MI6? How about Iggy, Yugo and Sam?

A Feast of Fools

Sam missed payroll and now the elves are on strike! Can the elves get around the world in time to save Christmas?

Lucretia Alopeesha Takes a Vacation

Yugo's snowmobile has gone off course and now reality is completely upside down and backwards. Do you believe the elves will make it back home?

Elves in Toyland

A giant spaceship full of penguins is hovering over the North Pole. Elaborate special effects bringing the end of Christmas seems certain, unless Iggy, Yugo and Sam can get on board ...

CD25: Christmas Day

Black Mac MacTavish and his band of pirates are roaming the high seas, looking to loot the biggest treasure of them all: Santa's sleigh. Only Ziggy, Mango and Stan can stop them.

The Treasure of the Claus

Santa Claus himself tells the story of the first Christmas and the first Christmas elves: Izzy, Hugh-Joe and Sahim

The Man in Sandy Clothes

Three hardened criminals are hunting Santa Claus. Is this story with no weddings and three funerals the end for Iggy, Yugo and Sam?

Maggot, Lice and Worm

Iggy, Yugo and Sam try to take in a little theatre on their summer vacation; only to end up at a Christmas feast in the court of King Richard III

A Winter of Discontent

In the not too distant future, everyone has forgotten about Christmas! Can Iggy, Yugo and Sam overcome teenage rebellion and flatulence in time to bring Christmas back to the future?

Ghosts of Christmas Future

The World Court has declared Christmas Illegal. Will Iggy, Yugo and Sam bend this law, or break it to pieces?

Nightmare On Elf Street

A little green man is knocking on Iggy, Yugo and Sam's door. Who is he and where did he learn all those moves?

The Fright Before Christmas

The richest man in the world has kidnapped Santa Claus. With the Rowdy Boys and an angry dinosaur on the loose, do the elves have a hope of saving him?

North Pole Stud

Love is in the air, and something far, far stranger than that. With the snowmobile destroyed, how will Iggy, Yugo and Sam find their way home?

Here There Be Monsters

A little girl with two bad kidneys, a top that spins on the bottom of things and the consequences of procrastination all feature prominently in this short parable.

A Tale of Two Kidneys

Guess who is coming for dinner? Who will win the Audacious Odyssey? And just who is that man in the orange suit? And where is Waldo, anyway?

What Are You Waiting For ... Christmas?

Iggy is Sam and Sam is Iggy and there is a man over there shouting into a bullhorn. Just what is going on here anyway?

Freaky Christmasday

Alfred Wallace figured out where elves came from over a hundred years ago. But that really has nothing to do with this story at all.


Iggy, Yugo and Sam take a cruise for their summer vacation. But once they get onboard, they will have to deal with a man with a bad toupee, a hopeless magician, a large serving of baked Alaska and a very dangerous toy.

South to Alaska

The boys have been turned into real boys. Now they have to travel all the way to Santa Claus Lane to get their elfish mojo back in time for Christmas.

Boys Will Be Boys

It's murder. Murder most foul. And there won't be any Christmas this year unless Iggy, Yugo and Sam can get to the bottom of this whole mystery.

Murder at the North Pole

The North Pole has been overrun by a horde of grasping, biting zombie maniacs. It's up to Iggy, Yugo and Sam to prevent the end of the world, prove the Mayans wrong and save Christmas.

Christmas Night of the Walking, Evil, Living Dead

General Rufus P. Beeflips is marching on the North Pole with a goblin army. I hope you realize that this means war!

The War on Christmas

Iggy, Yugo and Sam have some explaining to do. Even though none of it is their fault. Or maybe it is.

Iggy, Yugo and Sam Explain Everything

Santa's office tower has been seized by terrorists. But now Iggy, Yugo and Sam have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho.

Died Hard

What did Yugo and Sam give each other for Christmas? What is the greatest Christmas joke ever? And why did Iggy and Sam go to Paris and leave Sam alone?

Sam Alone and Other Christmas Crackers

It is big and it is gooey and it came from beyond the stars. And now it is going to eat Christmas if Iggy, Yugo and Sam cannot stop it!

Iggy, Yugo and Sam and the Gelatinous Mass from Outer Space

This is the big one. Iggy, Yugo and Sam face off against the biggest baddest boss at the North Pole. Only one can prevail in the ...

Christmas: Boss Battle

Starved for some decent Christmas entertainment? Confused by all the choices out there? Do not despair, for Iggy Yugo and Sam been been there, seen it AND bought the T-shirt. Let them separate the Shinola from the other stuff for you. Click below for your complete and comprehensive guide to all that good this Christmas.

A Traveller's Guide to the Sights of the Exotic and Beautiful North Pole

Danielle's Gallery

If you want to know what is happening right this minute at the North Pole, the

Is the place to look.
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Jokes That Aren't Lame

There are a lot of sites where you can find Christmas jokes, but most of them really suck. For example, here is a really awful joke found on the actual internet:

What did Adam say on the day before Christmas?
It's Christmas, Eve!

I am sure you will agree that was terrible. Happily, this site is not like all those other crummy joke sites. This site only associates with high quality "funny" jokes.

Punch Iggy in the eye if you want to read some good Christmas jokes.

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