Danielle's Art Gallery
A Portfolio of Exotic Christmas Art by one of the World's Great New Artists 
Abominable Snowman
His fingers singed, the snowman allows the elves to get away.  From a scene in A Christmas Caroline
Shootout in Space
Iggy, Yugo and Sam attempt to blast their way to freedom.  Iggy and Sam each sport dangerous looking ray guns.  Yugo wields a wrench.  From a scene in CD25:  Christmas Day
The Banquet
The elves are packed for 'citement and ventures.  Sam pauses to collect some extra pie.
The Cavern
Sam dips his sword in an enchanted spring. 
Dessert Flight
The snowmobile escapes two desparate villains.  A young Santa Claus, mysteriously suspended in the air, watches from below.  From A Christmastime Tale.
 The Fart That Saved Christmas
Sam's chili dog gets the best of him.  Iggy and Winston are disgusted.  Yugo has an idea ....
Sam, Iggy and Yugo
Sam's fear of the snowmobile is obvious.  Yugo and his toolbelt are ready for anything.
The ruler of Hallowe'en awaits the arrival of Iggy, Yugo and Sam.  In the window, a cart carrying two elves has just come into view.
Entering YID
Yugo cracks the code that leads the elves into the headquarters of the Yuletide Intelligence Department.  From a scene in A Feast of Fools.
 Entering YID (detail)
The artist's attention to detail is exquisite.  The code itself is visible in this close up view.
Yugo's Christmas Present
In a belated epilogue to Lucretia Alopeesha Takes a Vacation, Yugo receives a new snowmobile for Christmas.
Maddog and Rabeez
The royalty of Mortis arrive in Gillihad in A Fairy Merry Christmas Tale.  Is Maddog jumping for joy or imbued with the power of flight?
When Camels Fly
Rude Ulf soars over the city in advance of the arrival of The Man in Sandy Clothes.
The snowmobile is gone.  Yugo is despondent.  Sam is delighted.  From a scene in A Christmas Mystery.
Flight of the Ice Bats
Iggy, Yugo and Sam are under aerial siege from a flock of ice bats.  From a scene in A Christmas Mystery.

Maggot, Lice and Worm
Wearing only their underpants (having burned their clothes to keep warm, three villains plot the murder of Santa Claus.  From a scene in Maggot, Lice and Worm.

Santa in Chains
                       Tyrone the Toysaurus (Mike Fromaggio) entertains the young ones and
                       hatches a monstrous plot while a black-eyed Santa Claus looks on.  
                       From a scene in North Pole Stud.

Jody Noles can only look on in despair as her home is destroyed in this illumination of the opening scene in the forthcoming tale, Here There Be Monsters.
Unknown Menace
Danielle's sombre use of shadow perfectly underscores the lurking threat that lies in wait for our intrepid heroes.
A celebration of that most seasonal of root vegetables -- the Rutabaga!
Schnapps, Anyone?
Sam tends bar for a group of thirsty elves. Could he have sampled some of his concoctions?
Move That Snowmobile?
An agitated Pie Teninate calls on a transmogrified Yugo to move his snowmobile.  The extent of Pie's agitation is emphasized with bold yellow triangles.