IGGY is a Junior Elf, First Class. He has lived at the North Pole his whole life, and being an elf, that is a long time indeed. He has been working on the toy line since sometime in the middle ages and was most recently appointed Team Leader of the Electric Train Division, where he oversees a group of ten other elves in the assembly and wiring of electric trains. Iggy's particular speciality is the construction of cabooses.

When not at work, Iggy will often be found in the company of Yugo and Sam, his two best friends. Iggy met Yugo when they were both working in the talking doll division. He met Sam in the North Pole cafeteria, when Sam pushed his way in front of Iggy in line on fried chicken day.

Iggy is a happy and gregarious elf, who always sees the best in others, even when the others he is looking at are up to no good at all. Such is his optimism, that if he were asked whether a glass was half full or half empty, he would likely reply, "Oh my goodness, that is far too much for me, here you have some."

Iggy's hobbies include playing the banjo, collecting spoons, sport fishing and saving Christmas.