Iggy, Yugo and Sam's

Click on the links below and enjoy some 'very special' Christmas Videos

An Amazing Christmas Light Display

Just be glad you are not this guy's next door neighbour

A Peter Griffin Christmas

The Family Guy serves up some classic yuletide tunes

Crazy Frog Snowball Fight

I have no idea how to describe this

Jedi Christmas

Never give a kid a light sabre for Christmas

Mr. Christmas Pudding For a Head

Whoever made this has way, way, way too much time on his hands

The Eggiest Christmas Ever

Have yourself a very eggy Christmas

Donald Duck's Christmas Album

Donald Channels Peter Griffin

Santa, Santa, Santa ...

Apparently the kids find this amusing. I don't get it.

The rest of the videos in Iggy, Yugo and Sam's peep show are of the "Viewer Discretion Advised variety. Really, it's all pretty harmless stuff, but there are a few sensitive old scolds out there who like a little less vulgarity with their humour. If you are one of those sensitive old scolds, then please DON'T click on any of the videos below. And if you do, don't e-mail me to complain that you did. The rest of you, follow me through the beaded curtain where the other grown-ups are watching movies ....


Carmen's Christmas

A heartfelt plea from Carmen Electra

Santa Takes a Break

Even the old guy needs to sit down once in a while

A Very Special Christmas Box

How to romance your lady this Christmas

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