YUGO is a graduate of the Florence School of Toymaking, where he studied toy theory and design under noted toymaking master Leonardo de Pokemon. Following his postgraduate studies, he spent two centuries studying applying particle neutrino physics and published widely in the area. He finally returned to his first love of toymaking by taking the position of Chief of Design in Santa's North Pole workshop where he invented several of the most obscure and complex toys the world has ever known. He is currently developing a line of artificially intelligent yo-yos which are expected to be a major "must have" toy in Christmas 2006.

Yugo's most successful invention is undoubtedly the snowmobile which he built from scratch in his garage. Though much like any other snowmobile on the surface (with the exception of the enclosed cabin, rocket engines, wings and satellite dish) it can perform functions that most snowmobiles cannot. It can travel on land, sea and air and, with some recent modifiacations, has travelled through time itself. Yugo's work on his snowmobile has been recognized with an honourary fellowship from the Worldwide Snowmobile Association (WSA).

When not at work designing or building toys and snowmobiles, Yugo like to relax by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate and a special lady.
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