Yugo's Library


Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol (1843)

An oldie, but still the best holiday story (without Christmas elves) out there. It has all of the familiar Christmas trappings. Ghosts and lots of them. A mysterious corpse. A graveyard. What would Christmas be without a good haunting?


Christopher Moore – The Stupidest Angel (2004)

“A heartwarming tale of Christmas terror”. That’s what it says on the cover, anyway. And it is full of heartwarming Christmas stuff. There are Christmas trees, presents, a dead Santa Claus, zombies. You know, the usual heartwarming Christmas stuff.


Arthur Conan Doyle – The Blue Carbuncle (1892)

A blue carbuncle sounds like something dirty or some sort of a painful infection, doesn’t it? Well it is not. It is a fabulously expensive jewel that has gone missing and appeared in the giblets of a Christmas goose. It is a very special Sherlock Holmes mystery set in the Christmas season. And because this story is soooo old, the copyright on it has expired and I can link you right to it here


JK Rowling – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (1998)

Some people would argue that this is not a Christmas story, but to those people I say, “read chapter 12,” which is all about Christmas. That’s the part where Harry gets an invisibility cloak for a present. Was that cool or what? This is definitely a Christmas story, and a really cool one, too.


Agatha Christie – A Holiday for Murder (1938)

Like a rat infected with the plague, death and mayhem follow Hercule Poirot wherever he goes. This time, he is spending Christmas with the Lees and, naturally, there is murder afoot. And not just Dame Agatha’s usual poison tea and cakes this time. No way, as an extra Christmas present there is blood everywhere. I mean everywhere.


Arthur C. Clarke – The Star (1955)

Suppose a star burned so brightly it could be seen from Earth for several days by three wise men bearing gifts. Just think about that. Think about what you might find if you travelled to a planet circling that star. Think about that. Tired of thinking? Read the story then.


O. Henry – The Gift of the Magi (1906)

There's Della and Jim and she has $1.87 and some great hair and he's got a great pocket watch and by the end they have really made a mess of Christmas. If you like, you can save yourself a trip to the library and read the whole thing by clicking right here


Terry Pratchett – Hogfather (1999)

On the discworld, there is Hogswatch Night, when the Hogfather brings presents to good little girls and boys. But he is missing, and so is the tooth fairy. So Death and his granddaughter Susan are filling in. He has the costume and the sleigh drawn by the four jolly pigs: Gouger, Tusker, Rooter, and Snouter, but even so, he sort of messes things up. It’s pretty funny, if you like that sort of thing.


Uncanny X-Men #143 (1980)

The last Claremont-Byrne X-Men collaboration. It’s Christmas Eve at Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngster, but the only youngster in the house is young Kitty Pryde, who spends the evening in a life and death battle with a N’garai demon. She defeats it of course, but not until after they pretty much trash the place.


The Bible (0000)

The original Christmas story. Often copied, never equalled. Really, it's sort of what it's all about isn't it? All the famous Christmas stuff is in here: three wise guys, big star in the east, shepherds watching their flocks by night. It's even got asses and babes (in swaddling clothes).

Other Literature That Does Not Suck

If you have finished all of the Iggy, Yugo and Sam adventures and polished off the volumes listed above, then you have certainly read a lot of Christmas stories, haven't you? But if you still hunger for a Christmas read to go along with your midnight snack, you might consider Chris Van Allsburg - The Polar Express (1986) which makes a better book than a movie, Don Gillmor - The Christmas Orange (1998) which is not a movie, but might be a good one. If you like some killing with your Christmas, try Dean Koontz - Mr Murder (1993), which is full of murder and mayhem and which has also spun off two children's books as sequels. David Sedaris - Holidays on Ice (1998) is very funny. Many people like John Grisham's Skipping Christmas 2001 but the overall crappiness of the rest of his oeuvre prevents me from recommending it here.